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canvas prints for all your most treasured photos!

We’re proud to be the only photo lab in Northern Michigan who does canvas printing in house. The canvas printing process allows you to take your favorite photos and original artwork and have them printed on the highest quality canvas, giving you the ability to turn your walls into a museum-like display of your favorite pieces.  We layout every piece in photoshop before printing so nothing of real importance will end up of the side of the wrap, if the image is already shot or cropped to close to the side we can clone stamp more of the image so that the image you want is in front and not on the side. This is almost exclusively a feature only we offer.  We have two types of stretcher bars made from Hahnemühle.  The standard range from 8" to 24" and are 1  1/4" wide and the pro bars range from 8" up to 60" and are 1 3/4 " wide. This allows us to make nearly any size and configuration from 8"x10" up to 40"x60", and panoramics like 8"x24" or 20"x60".  We can also add a water resistant /uv spray "Image Guard" to your canvas to make them last even longer.

The Benefits of Canvas Printed Art:

These sturdy pieces of art stand out and make a statement, giving your memories the timelessness they deserve.  They are much lighter and less expensive to have a wall hanging piece than the more traditional fine art framing that we can also do at ur sister store Fusion Framing located directly above us.  Our Epson printer utilizes 12 individual color cartridges versus the standard 4 color cartridge printers. This allows for brighter more vibrant colors across the entire spectrum and are also 240 years archival.  

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